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“My students and their families make a huge commitment to attending class, rehearsals and

performances,” Becky adds. “Understanding how they can set and achieve small goals, watching

these small actions build into larger achievements is transformative. We believe that it teaches

our children how to be successful in other parts of their life and how to navigate towards future



n 2012, Rosie’s House debuted a mariachi program that has significantly resonated with so

much of the Hispanic community. “We found that our families already had a deep respect

and knowledge of this art form. We have had tremendous success and the community has

embraced our performances with such excitement!”

As Rosie’s House celebrates 20 years of service in the community, it is looking towards the future.

“We still have so many children to serve,” observes Ballard. “We have seen our program result in

huge achievements, such as the fact that 97% of our kids are going on to college.” But, the hard

reality is that only 1 in 10 children who apply to the Rosie’s House music program get in. “We

simply don’t have enough resources to meet the demand.” The task that Becky Bell Ballard has

set upon involves a strategic move towards more sustainable funding, expanded services and

connecting to the greater community at large through partnerships.