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12 JUNE 2016

lived so far away from home,” reflects Ballard. As she settled into the process of intense study

at the top ranked music school, Becky gravitated towards student activities such as the award-

winning ASU Marching Band. “You have no idea the fortitude it takes to play on the field in a hot

marching band uniform during scorching heat!” she laughs.


ut her training would teach her more than playing her instrument well. It taught Ballard

the process of setting goals, following direction and team work. It was a natural move

towards music education when she graduated from ASU. In her first major job, as Phoenix

Symphony’s Education Director, Becky oversaw a massive program serving more than

80,000 children and adults.

“It was a daunting task which connected me to underserved communities and to kids who had

never had music opportunities. I saw how the simple connection between music and creativity

impacts so many lives and builds community.”

In 2008 Ballard was named Artistic and Executive Director of Rosie’s House: A Music Academy for

Children. While the innovative tuition-free program located in the Central Arts District, seems to

be the hub of building musical talent, the program is much more complex.

There is

a power

to music


that is real

and life